VBOX Video HD2 History

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1.2.46 - November 2016
Adds support for new uBlox GPS receiver firmware. 
Fixes bug where setting serial type 'none' in software caused scene to not load. 

1.2.45	- October 2016

Version 1.2.45 of the VBOX Video firmware includes some significant changes and brings additional functionality to both the unit itself and the iOS and Android Preview Apps.
The latest software versions should be used in conjunction with this firmware release to allow full use of the latest features. A summary of the software versions required can be found below:

Software Application				Version required
Circuit Tools for Windows			2.6.3
Circuit Tools for macOS				1.3.0
Circuit Tools for iOS				1.1.1

VBOX Video App for Android			1.1.6
VBOX Video App for iOS				1.1.6

VBOX Video Setup 				1.1.120

Racelogic strongly recommend that all users upgrade to the latest firmware release to take advantage of the new features and benefit from the improved stability of the latest firmware. 

The key features in this firmware release are:
	Support for remote USB logging switch RLACS237
	Changes to the Wi-Fi ID and password format for preview app. Allows user to update the VBOX Video Wi-Fi ID with a unique name.  
	Wi-Fi connection now automatically looks for least congested Wi-Fi channel
	Updated camera firmware to cure intermittent issues with cameras showing purple images
	Time since stationary function added
	Fix for audio glitches seen with some setups 
	Additional features for the VBOX Video App including exposure setting and track map selection

Upgrading to the latest firmware will change the Wi-Fi name (SSID) of the VBOX Video from VBoxVideo_[serial no] to VVH [serial no]. The password will also be reset to VVH [serial no].
Some features in the preview app and setup software may not function correctly until the VBOX Video is using the latest firmware version

Further details on setting the Wi-Fi password can be found at the Racelogic Support Centre. 

Camera Updates
When the VBOX Video has been upgraded to the latest firmware, an update will also be applied to all cameras connected to the unit. This update will take place automatically during the firmware upgrade. 
If no cameras are connected at this time, the upgrade will be applied the first time the unit is powered with cameras connected following the firmware update. Each camera will be updated individually via the port it is connected to. 
When the camera update is being applied it will take longer than usual for the VBOX Video to boot and be ready for logging.

1.1.33 	- June 2016
VBOX Video HD2 product launch firmware version.