VBOX Video HD2 Setup History

Stock code:
Latest update:


1.3.170 - June 2017
New - Software now detects what.NET framework version is running on the users machine, and prompts the user to update if required for a full functional compatibility. .NET 4.6.2 is required.

1.3.165 - June 2017
Important Information
- VBOX Video HD2 firmware 1.3.58 required to support some new features

- Performance tests disabled by default, only selectable when enabled
- Removed CAN Acknowledge warning message
- Improved stability
- Changes DBC used for MIM01 module
- CAN text parameters retain formatting through parameter changes
- General settings UI changed so that it works better when program is windowed
- Allows spaces and degree symbol in names and units.
- Border around G-Ball 2 element resized so that it's now in line with the other G-Ball elements

New Features
- Adds black dotted border around range elements that are invisible with no range graphics shown
- Adds WiFi scene preview function
- Scene on SD card is backed up if a scene with the same name is saved to the card
- Adds section for Bluetooth OBD adapter
- Adds section for Bluetooth heart-rate monitor (including heart-rate graphic element)

- Fixes track map deleting even if 'no' was selected
- Fixes media volume size element recording incorrect value
- Fixes bug where line level sometimes didn't save
- Fixes bug where elements could become invisible
- Fixes bug where element selection didn't show after saving scene
- Fixes bug where whole group wasn't snapping to grid, only the selected element

1.1.121 - October 2016
Fixes an issue with serial type none causing scene loading to fail. 

1.1.120 - October 2016
Fixed issue with software not running on operating systems in language with comma as decimal separator.
Fixed issue with CAN not working properly with the above.
Fixed missing language translations

1.0.97 - June 2016
Initial Release