Racelogic Upgrader History

Stock code:
Latest update:


v1.9.138 - August 2018
Additional support for CAN Gateway
Now uses .NET Framework 4.7.1
Updated End User License Agreement

v1.5.97 - July 2015
Update to add support for new hardware variants

v1.2b78 - Dec 2014
Revised Serial Comms Protocol

v1.1.76 - Dec 2013
Adds support for IMU04

V1.0.52.87 - Oct 2012
New C# version of Racelogic upgrader released.
Includes support of new V2 speed sensors and VDMS units.
Requires .NET framework.

V3.6.0 build 03 - Feb 2010
Required to upgrade Speed Sensor.

V3.2.7 build 02 - Dec 2009
Addition of OLED.
Fixed USB coms bug.

V3.2.6 build 06 - Sept 2009
Addition of PBSport, Mining Truck MFD, Video VBOX,
OLED, LabSat, Speed Sensor, Micro Input Module, Video VBOX Lite.

V3.1.3 build 01 - June 2008
Addition of VB3i, VBMICRO, and VB2SX5.

V3.1.1 build 02 - Sept 2007
Addition of VB2SXSPS, VB20SL3, VBCANLOG01, GPS odometer.

V2.2.2 build 01 - Feb 2007
Required to upgrade VB10SPS and VB2SX10.

V2.1.2 build 00 - Nov 2006
Addition of VBS20SL, VB2SX and VB20SL.

V2.0.1 build 55 - Jul 2006
Fixed a bug which prevented VBOX Minis from upgrading properly.

V2.0.1 build 50 - Jun 2006
Required to upgrade the latest products in the VBOX range, notably VBOX Mini and VBS20SL (Speed Sensor with Slip Angle).

V2.0.1 build 35 - Mar 2006
Required to upgrade some new and future products. Also required to upgrade new DriftBoxs.

V2.0.1 build 33 - February 2006
Fixes a few bugs in the previous version. Also required for upgrading certain new hardware.

V2.0.1 build 22 - January 2005
This version of upgrader also enables DriftBoxs to be upgraded.

V2.0.1 build 16 - December 2005
This version of upgrader is required to upgrade VBOXs using the latest firmware, allowing the VBOXs to be compatible with VBOXTools software.

V2.0.0 build 3 - October 2005
This version of upgrader is required to be able to upgrade VBOXs with the latest firmware, allowing the VBOXs to be compatible with VBOXTools software.

V5d - January 2005
Internal code changes to selection options.

V5c - November 2004
This Version of software now allows a USB adapter to be used when performing firmware upgrades

V5 - up to November 2004