Who we are

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RACELOGIC开发和制造电子系统用来测量, 记录, 显示, 分析和仿真来自移动车辆的数据.

我们的旗舰VBOX已经成为了一个测量速度,位置,距离和加速度的行业标准方法, 同时我们的视频VBOX(GPS视频记录仪)在赛车运动中越来越流行.

自1992年以来,我们已经设计了 GPS 数据记录仪, 视频叠放系统, CAN 总线接口牵引力控制系统. 在Julian Thomas的带领下, Racelogic 已经发展成为一个现代化公司 ,英国白金汉总部一共拥有40员工,此外在德国 Weilburg有一分部共4名员工, 并被授予企业女王奖.



Our People

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RACELOGIC is a successful company due to the commitment, inspiration and experience of its staff. Every department has a clear vision, with each member of staff working hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

All products are designed and manufactured in the UK. RACELOGIC is an ISO 9001 company and has won three Queen's Awards for Enterprise including awards for Innovation and Export.


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Follow our success story from 1992 to the present. 

1992 - 2002

Humble beginnings and the right idea at the right time.

  • The RACELOGIC History - From the beginning in 1992 to now.
  • 1992
  • RACELOGIC Traction Control was launched.
  • 1996-Switchlogic
  • 1997
  • 1998 - Chris, Harry and Amanda joined RACELOGIC.
  • 2000 - US Government switched off the deliberate scrambling of the GPS signal.
  • 2001-First-VBOX-launched.
  • 2002 - VBOX II DCF launched, which sold over 400 units.

2003 - 2012

Product innovation, awards and company expansion.

  • 2003-MK-citizen-business-award
  • 2004 - VBOX GPS Data Logger Range
  • 2006-DriftBox-released
  • 2006-Performance Box released.
  • 2006-Racelogic office in Germany set up.
  • 2006-VBIISL3
  • 2007-Racelogic are awarded the Queens-Award
  • 2008 - New premises
  • 2008-VB3i released.
  • 2008- Video VBOX launched.
  • 2009 - Video VBOX Lite launched.
  • 2009-LabSat GPS Simulator launched.
  • 2009-First VBOX ADAS Test System sold.
  • 2009-Circuit Tools released after four years of development.
  • 2010 Leander
  • 2010-VVBPro
  • 2011-Graham-VBOX3i-Dual-Antenna
  • 2011- Predictive Lap Timing Awards
  • 2011-Video VBOX Waterproof is launched.
  • 2012: RACELOGIC wins two  Queen's Awards for Enterprise.
  • 2012-VB3iSL-RTK

2013 to the present.

Further expansions and new products.

  • 2012-US-office
  • 2013: VBOX Sport and RACELOGIC iPhone apps launched.
  • 2013-LabSat3
  • 2013: VBOX HD Motorsport launched
  • 2014: VBOX Lap Timer launched.
  • 2014: Racelogic sold to the 100th country.
  • 2015 Representative office China
  • 2015 golden LabSat
  • 2015 Traction Control
  • 2016 VBOXVideoHD2
  • 2016 RacelogicUSA New Office
  • 2016 LS3 Wideband launch

Our Customers

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Household names in the automotive industry, motorsport, marine, defence, GPS device and mining industry use RACELOGIC products.

Vehicle Testing


GNSS Integration and Testing

Company Profile

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Founded:  1992 by Julian Thomas
Number of Employees: 96 (2018)
Annual turnover: £17 million (2017)

Board of Directors: Managing Director
CEO and Commercial Director
Operations Director
Technical Director
Design Director
Managing Director - Racelogic GmbH
General Manager - Racelogic USA
Julian Thomas
Graham Mackie
Harry Thuillier
Amanda Clifton
Kevin Bursnall
Chris Smith
Leander Speth
Reid Scott

Industry: Automotive, Motorsport, Mining, Defence and Aviation
Products: GPS Data Loggers, GPS Speed Sensors, GPS Video and Data Loggers, GPS Simulators
Brands: VBOX Automotive, VBOX Motosport, Labsat, VBOX Video, Video VBOX, VBOX Sport, PerformanceBox, DriftBox, Racelogic Traction Control

Awards: Queens Award for Enterprise (2007 and 2012)
MK and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award (2011)
MK Citizen Business of the Year Award (2003)

Legal Information: Racelogic is a limited company registered in England

Company Registration Number
VAT Registration Number
Registered Office

GB581 4354 37
Unit 10, Swan Business Centre
Osier Way, Buckingham
Bucks, MK18 1TB

Unit 10
Swan Business Centre
Osier Way
MK18 1TB
27260 Haggerty Road
Suite A2
Farmington Hills
MI 48331
Postplatz 5