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GPS Data Logging and Video for Motorsport

Racelogic’s data loggers can record GPS, video, and vehicle data, and are designed for motorsport.

Our systems come as standard with simple yet powerful software and support which will help you get the best out of yourself and your car.

Whether you’re a racing driver or team, racing coach, championship, or track day enthusiast, Racelogic have the system for you.


Why GPS?

GPS data loggers are also ideally suited to motorsport due to their light weight, small size and accuracy.

Without fitting any other sensors, you can measure Speed, Track Position, Distance, Lap Time, Split Times, Predictive Lap Times, Lateral Acceleration, Longitudinal Acceleration and Height.

It’s no wonder that Racelogic systems are the most popular form of track-day and motorsport data logger!

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    Who uses Racelogic products?

    Professional Racing Drivers

    Motorsports professionals (e.g. Anthony Davidson, Walter Rohrl, Sabine Schmitz) use the VideoVBOX Pro to fine tune driving lines and lap-times, compare vehicle set-ups, and synchronise data with video for race and testing analysis. For 2cm positional accuracy and high dynamic testing, teams and developers also use the VBOX range of professional data loggers.

    Video VBOX PRO

    Racing Series

    Racing series (e.g. the Australian GT Series) and championships use VideoVBOX Lite and VideoVBOX Pro to provide video evidence in case of disputes; promote closer, more exciting racing; and create publicity. Find out more here.


    Race training schools and experiences

    Numerous driving schools and experience companies (e.g. BMW, Silverstone, V8 Race) use VideoVBOX with OLED displays to record onboard video and provide a training aid. Training centres use VideoVBOX as an educational and promotional tool, whilst drive experience centres find that selling video to customers with a record of their laps and a camera showing their face is a valuable record of a driving experience, and a profitable revenue channel.


    Coaches and Instructors

    Racelogic’s highly rated driver training software together with VideoVBOX has become a vital tool for racing instructors and coaches (e.g Nigel Greensall, Anthony Dunn, Ben Elliot). VideoVBOX helps to immediately identify areas for improvement, provide objective data to support instructor’s comments, and offer the opportunity to hire, sell, and install systems in customer cars. Find out more.


    Racers + track day drivers

    VideoVBOX Lite offers a new dimension to video, and is becoming very popular on track days, with its ability to record video from several bullet cameras, and overlay GPS and vehicle data on the video with stunning graphics.

    If you don’t require video, Racelogic offer compact performance meters, which have an integrated display. Using the same high accuracy GPS found in VideoVBOX, PerformanceBox and DriftBox will record Speed, Track Position, Distance, Lap times, Split times, Predictive lap times, Lateral acceleration, Longitudinal acceleration and Height. They will even measure a vehicle’s power, and in the case of DriftBox, drift angle.