top b VBOX rouf mounted IMU

We offer a wide range of data acquisition products like our ADAS test systems, VBOX 3i data loggers, VBOX Speed Sensors and modules. See the full vehicle testing range here.

top b Video VBOX

Our Video VBOX camera systems, performance meters such as PerformanceBox, DriftBox and VBOX Sport and lap timers are increasingly popular in motorsport. See the full motorsport range here.

Traction control

RACELOGIC Traction Control is universally recognised as the best after market system available. It does not only dramatically reduce the chances of an accident, but also positively enhances the performance of the vehicle. 

Can products

Generate a wheel speed and engine rpm pulse from a vehicle's CAN Bus using RACELOGIC CanTran, obtain engine and road speed with the CAN Speed Interface and display any parameter that is sent on a CAN Bus in real time with the CAN Display.

LabSat GNSS simulators

LabSat GPS Simulators are used to test GPS enabled products by recording, replaying, and simulating GNSS data.

Switch to the LabSat Website for more information.

Company Profile

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Company Name:
Number of Employees:
Annual Turnover:
1992 by Julian Thomas
60 (2014)
9.8 Million (2014)
Managing Director: Julian Thomas
CEO & Commercial Director: Graham Mackie
Chairman: Harry F Thuillier
Operations Director: Amanda Clifton
Technical Director: Kevin Bursnall
Design Director: Chris Smith
Sales Director Europe & Asia: Leander Speth
General Manager RACELOGIC USA: Reid Scott


Automotive, Motorsport, Marine, Mining, Defence and Aviation
GPS data loggers, GPS Speed Sensors, GPS video and data loggers, GPS simulators
VBOX, Video VBOX, LabSat, VBOX Sport, Performance Box, DriftBox, RACELOGIC Traction Control

Queens Award of Enterprise (2007 and 2012)
MK & North Bucks Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award (2011)
MK Citizen Business of the Year Award (2003)

RACELOGIC UK (Head office)
Unit 10 Swan Business Centre
Osier Way
MK18 1TB
United Kingdom
27240 Haggerty Rd
Suite E17
Farmington Hills
MI 48331
United States of America
Postplatz 5
35781 Weilburg