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RACELOGIC offer a wide range of GPS data loggers, speed sensors and video loggers for vehicle testing.

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Our race camera systems (Video VBOX), performance meters such as PerformanceBox, DriftBox and VBOX Sport) and lap timers are increasingly popular in motorsport.

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LabSat GPS Simulators are used to test GPS enabled products by recording, replaying, and simulating GNSS data.


RACELOGIC Traction Control is universally recognised as the best after market system available. It does not only dramatically reduce the chances of an accident, but also positively enhances the performance of the vehicle. 


Generate a wheel speed and engine rpm pulse from a vehicle's CAN Bus using RACELOGIC CanTran, obtain engine and road speed with the CAN Speed Interface and display any parameter that is sent on a CAN Bus in real time with the CAN Display.

VBOX Automotive Products

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All VBOX products can be found on the VBOX Automotive Website.

vb3i family

VBOX 3i product family
VB3i logs at a true 100Hz, is available in single and dual antenna variants, and which forms the basis of the VBOX ADAS testing packages.

Differential GPS and RTK solutions allow for high positional accuracy, and inertial measurement integration increases the testing scope further.


VBOX IISX product family
Available as single, dual, or triple antenna systems, the XS range logs at 5, 10 or 20Hz and is ideal for vehicle dynamics testing.

vbox micro

Other data loggers
These 10Hz data loggers (VBOX Mini, Micro, VBOX Sport, etc.) are easy to use and perfect for simple testing and lap timing.

Video VBOX Pro

Video & Data Loggers
As well as capturing GPS and CAN data, the Video VBOX and VBOX HD also record GPS time synchronised video.

Adding video and data driven graphic overlay to testing, validation, and development is a powerful method of both analysing and presenting your results.

speed sensors

Speed Sensors
VBOX Speed Sensors connect via CAN, digital, or analogue interface to your own data logging equipment at between 5Hz and 100Hz.

vbox tools

VBOX Tools and other software
A Windows based analysis package that comes with all data logging enabled VBOX units. VBOX Tools allows you to setup your unit for vehicle testing, proving templates of common test setups as well as being flexible enough to allow for customized test setups.