Video VBOX History

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V3.0.30 'Watershed' V2 to V3 - October 2011
	Various Bug fixes and improvements

V3.0.25 'Watershed' V2 to V3 - September 2011
	Multi Scene selection
	Auto Trackmap
	Included latest version of OLED Firmware
	User configureable smoothing on selected channels

V2.1.19 - November 2010
	System Info
		Local time offset can now be applied 
	Logging settings
		Use time in filename feature
		Disable logging option
		CAN activated logging
	Video Settings
		No camera no video option
	Lap Timing section (new)
		Ignore start line count option
		Start/finish database
		Beep at speed option
	Performance Tests
		End of test reset option
		Beep at end of test option
		Extra speed and distance units added  speed = ft/s  Distance = Miles, KM & nautical miles
	Math Channel Section (new)
	Display range element support
	G-Plot now called XY plot  functionality extended

2.1.4 - May 2010
	Dynamic video quality control - automatically adapts the quality of recorded video to match available media speed and processor loading
	Optimised CAN filtering - better handling of busy CAN bus loads
	Adjustable audio gain control - ability to reduce gain sensitivity for when connected to a PTT intercom (#838)
	Video overlay performance optimisations
	Video stability improvements
	Better USB to PC communication (#858)
	Set system date from GPS (#941)

2.0.15 - March 2010
	New G plot and transparent bar graph gauge types
	Bug fixes

2.0.02 - October 09
	Minimum speed for start line recognition
	Option for configuring gate widths
	Change for mono/stereo audio to fix a channel loudness issue
	Changed the way gate information is saved in VBO files to match other Racelogic files
	Fixed various NTSC bugs
	Improved media handling script so scenes can have spaces in their names
	Added support for Micro Input Module
	Improved CAN handling

1.1.14 - August 09
	Allow start/finish info from a DSF file to be read from an SD card when inserted into the VVB.
	Addition of specific CAN input channels for MIM01 compatability  on "non-VCI" VVB.
	Fixed two way comms with OLED display.

1.1.11 - June 09
	Added interpolation for bars.
	Added support to bar widgets for displaying a bar, a marker or both.
	Changed InputModule CAN signal settings to match new values.
	Added support for 'unlimited' predefined CAN channels in all units.
	Changed vbcontroller so that if power drops the unit only beeps if it's currently logging.
	Changed graphicsengine SECS formatting to five integer places to match VideoBox setup software.
	Added new default scene.
	Added support for mounting SD card with no partition.
	Changed delay for digin short press to 2 seconds from 1.5 seconds.
	Fixed timing out one time only for coldstart front panel button pressing.
	Changed button press to do coldstart after 5 seconds even if it's not released.
		Also added a coldstart beep.
	Changed digin logging control as requested to support an ignition controlled system.
	Changed module to allow scene files to be detected case insensitively.

1.1.7 - April 09
	File handling when experiencing low power has been fixed. Box now waits for 5 seconds before
	closing current file, resumes logging if power recovers.
	Text elements now right aligned.

1.1.5 - March 09
	Gauge rotation bug at certain needle sweep angles fixed.
	Box now resumes logging if power outage experienced when vehicle is moving.
	Two way comms with OLED Display added.
	OLED compatibility added.
	Added live serial output.
	Fixed needle loading bug which prevented some gauges from working.
	Fixed laptimer not updating correctly after a change in laptiming configuration.
	Added support for re-drawing trackmaps after a laptiming configuration change.
	Added basic support for displaying laptiming gates on a trackmap.
	Added support for degree values for lat and long.

1.1.4 - March 09
	Fixed video pixellation issue when unit at low temperature

1.1.3 - February 09
	First commercial release