VBOX Manager History

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Latest update:


2.55 b2844 - May 2017
	Improved CAN Hub compatibility - Fixes issue of crashing the bus on boot-up

2.55 b2827 - January 2017
	Support for new features in VB3i firmware version 2.4 (see VB3i history notes for info).
	Important Note: This version of firmware is not compatible with VBIII.

2.53 b2976 - June 2016
	Released to support VB3i 2.3 b19147 firmware

	Added VCI baud rate and termination control of VB3i
	Added Robot Control
	Added IMU ADAS mode
	Logging strategy modification

2.53 b2975 - June 2016
	Released to support 2.3 b19147

2.50 - July 2015
	Added support for IMU-INS Roof Mount

2.41 - October 2014
       Added compatibility for use with VBOX3i 2.1 firmware.

2.31 - Feb 2014
    Serial numbers greater than 32767 no longer displayed as Negative Numbers.

2.29b1 - Dec 2013
	IMU04 Integration Added

2.25 - May 2013
	Added support for Multiple Vehicle ADAS
	Added support for Moving Base
	Added support for LDWS around corners

2.18 - May 2012
	Added support for RTCM V3
	Removed swap antenna function (VB3iSL)

2.17 - March 2012
	New menu items for VB3i-SL (firmware 1.9 B18 required)

2.14 - November 2011
	Added support for VB3i-SL.
	Label Changes.
	Added Delays for conformation screens.
2.01 - November 2010
    Name changed from FileManager to VBoxManager.
    Major rewrite of core code.
    Added Lane Departure support.
    Added DGPS mode support.
	Coldstart option added

    Added support for vehicle separation using a VB3.

1.11 (no version 1.10)
    Support for VB2SX5 and vehicle separation on a VB3i.

    Request to reload eeprom values from VBox added / fixed.

	Support for VB2SX10 and waits for a reply from a VBox when requesting Directory / File information.

1.07 - August 2006
This upgrade fixes the File managers inability to be used at a VBOX lograte of 1Hz
1.05 - June 2005
First commercial release