Performance Box Touch History

Stock code:
Latest update:

Version - 17 December 2020
  - [NEW] Performance Box Touch Battery Support

  - [CHANGE] Acceleration Test Result remains on screen when stationary
  - [CHANGE] 0-Speed-0 test alert at target speed rather than end
  - [CHANGE] Result history list improvements
  - [CHANGE] Minor UI tweaks

  - [FIX] Screenshots could cause unexpected behaviour
  - [FIX] Unit could randomly become unresponsive
  - [FIX] Inaccurate position in files before sat lock is obtained
  - [Fix] Left arrow could incorrectly show as available
  - [Fix] Crash could occur during setting of manual gates
  - [Fix] Manually loaded reference lap was not retained through power cycle

Version - 25 August 2020

 -[New] Performance tests now reset upon satellite drop
 -[Fix] Performance test results now displayed properly on the results table pages
 Version - 21 May 2020

 -[Fix] Improves screen responsiveness when changing modes 
 -[Fix] Improved delta time colours around 0.00s 
 -[Fix] Loading same gates no longer cause lap data to reset

Version - 4 May 2020

Initial release