Performance Box Touch History

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Latest update:

Version - 30 July 2021

 - [New] Added secondary (multiple test) and best result acceleration screens
 - [New] Option to ignore double-distance laps

 - [Fix] Screen and VBO behaviour now matches with <4 satellites
 - [Fix] Resolved slight result difference between screens at times (due to rounding)
 - [Fix] Improved stability if card is removed whilst logging

 - [Change] New menu layout with quicker access to each area

Version - 5 May 2021
Released to bring Performance Box Touch in line with the launch of VBOX Touch RTK

Version - 8 March 2021
  - [Fix] Logged speed now correctly drops when no valid solution is available
  - [Fix] Changing results save format doesn’t reset manual logging override
  - [Fix] Fixed flashing text on decel results history reset
  - [Fix] Fixed jump in results when opening history
  - [Fix] Inaccurate position in files when logging straight after a coldstart
  - [Fix] Improved behaviour when setting end of test to minimum values
  - [Fix] Date format now retained through boot
  - [Fix] Fixed speed dropout at high speed (~225mph and above)
  - [Fix] Long term logging stability improvements
  - [Fix] On-screen accel test could reset too early with higher levels of speed smoothing

  - [Change] Reworded message shown when no tracks are found in the database
  - [Change] Speed smoothing value now 0.25 by default
  - [Change] End of test alert now enabled by default
  - [Change] Increased maximum satellites used to 12

Version - 17 December 2020
  - [NEW] Performance Box Touch Battery Support

  - [CHANGE] Acceleration Test Result remains on screen when stationary
  - [CHANGE] 0-Speed-0 test alert at target speed rather than end
  - [CHANGE] Result history list improvements
  - [CHANGE] Minor UI tweaks

  - [FIX] Screenshots could cause unexpected behaviour
  - [FIX] Unit could randomly become unresponsive
  - [FIX] Inaccurate position in files before sat lock is obtained
  - [Fix] Left arrow could incorrectly show as available
  - [Fix] Crash could occur during setting of manual gates
  - [Fix] Manually loaded reference lap was not retained through power cycle

Version - 25 August 2020

 -[New] Performance tests now reset upon satellite drop
 -[Fix] Performance test results now displayed properly on the results table pages
 Version - 21 May 2020

 -[Fix] Improves screen responsiveness when changing modes 
 -[Fix] Improved delta time colours around 0.00s 
 -[Fix] Loading same gates no longer cause lap data to reset

Version - 4 May 2020

Initial release