OLED - English History

Stock code:
Latest update:
1.11 b0003

1.11b03 - August 2012
Bug fixes
Added lap time reset by pressting down the square button for 3+ seconds in laptime mode
Added lap time store

1.10 b02 - July 2012
Bug fixes
Reworked CAN initialisation

1.8 b03 - January 2012
Bug fix for OLED losing reference lap file
Warning message when no SF line changed as confusing

1.7 b21 - September 2011
	Multi Scene selection
	Track Selection
	New messages
	Lat and Long Accel 'G' removed
	Save and load reference lapfiles to Video VBOX media.
	Comms improvments
	About Screen added - Video VBOX and OLED information

1.6 b12 - June 2011
One bug fix for PLT working on tracks over 8 minutes long per lap (Nurburgring)

1.6 b11 - Feb 2011
Numerous bug fixes with Predictive Lap Timing and General Operation Fixed.
(#1667, #1599, #1597, #1596, #1590, #1574, #1573, #1348, #1346, #1345, #1416, #1244) 

1.5 b03  August 2010
Separate Finish line feature added (#820)
Predictive Lap Timing mode added (#872)
Bug, High speed value when communicating via CAN fixed (#739)
Bug, Start/Finish and splits synchronised message fixed (#562)
Bug, (Lap counts of over 100) Text slightly off screen in lap timing screen (#255)

1.2 b13 - Dec 2009
Bug, invert menu buttons fixed
Bug, cancel laptiming menu fixed
Upgrade for new flash memory 

1.2 b10 - Sept 2009
Corrected splash screen serial number reporting issue

1.2 b09 - Sept 2009
Mode automatically returns to the last used when powered up.
Successful synch of S/F and Splits message now appears to inform 
user of correct transfer of data.
Lap number now shows current lap, not number of completed laps
Minor number formatting issues resolved.

1.0 b34 - May 2009
Outline Font Option Added

1.0 b17 - May 2009
Initial Release of the OLED Firmware