VBOX Tools Software History

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2.17 build 477 - January 2017
Support for VB3i firmware 2.4 b19402
Minor bug fixes.

2.17 build 469 - June 2016
Support for VB3i 2.3 b19147
Optimisation - Live serial data suspended to live windows when user is modifying display.
Minor bug fixes

2.16.8 build 420- July 2015
Added support for IMU roof mount.
CAN delay label changes (Fixed 15.5ms to 20ms - Minimum 8.5 to 4ms  +/- 1).
Adding Solution type to 50Hz RS232 message.
Graphing/Axis bug fixes.
Minor bug fixes.

2.15 build 369 - October 2014
VBOX3i Firmware 2.1 support (CAN Delay)
Fixed calculated live channels for live Windows 
Fixed X-Axis when set to distance bug (Alt + cursor)
Fixed CAN channel bug in graph data window
Fixed Axis swap in channel setup (graph display)
Improvements to RCF support (loading and saving in setup)

2.15 build 351 - September 2014
Radius of turn Channel data no longer merges with other data
Fix to prevent graph data table channel names merging
User message added for CAN throttling
Automatically updates the channel units in graph data grid when the user changes them
User can enter VBOX Setup directly from Offline mode
Clicking on Graph in online mode no longer causes a hang
Custom Graph bug fix when re-loading file
ADAS heading smoothing labels changed
Additional Chinese & German translations done 
Software rescans CAN Bus when exiting setup 
Fix to correctly set heading smoothing distance when running in German 
Advanced logging UI fix
Channels send over serial limitation warning implemented
Fix for loading .CIR files into the real time plot
Live data windows are drawn correctly when entering online mode 
User can now navigate to select / deselect saving > 40 CAN channels in the file save window
File extension is now correct when exporting .DBN to Track Vision
Updated outdated information messages
Custom channels units are now applied immediately
Fix for DSP03 setup - missing finish line gate and .RCF settings files

2.14.7 build 282 - December 2013
Supports VB3i Firmware Version 2 and higher
Minor Bug Fixes

2.13.5 Build 211 - May 2013
Minor bug fixes for ADAS support

2.13.5 Build 207 - May 2013
Support for new VB3i Firmware Version (1.12 and higher)
Support added for VBOX II SX new GPS Engine
Support for 64 CAN Channels
New Comms component added
General Bug fixes

2.10.4 Build 105 - May 2012
Support for RTCMV3 DGPS Solution
Fix error message when closing VBO and Avi files.
Fix bug with track vision export function.
Fix for VB3iSL serial number option.
Fix for VBiSL analogue output channels.

2.7.3 Build 099 - March 2012
Support for 500Hz analogue inputs (VB3iv2 & VB3iSL only)
Support for VB3i-SL's new features
Support for VB3i-V2
General Bug fixes

2.4.3 Build 082 - December 2011
Support for new ADAS functions
VB3iSL support added
General Bug fixes

2.2.2 Build 042 - March 2011
User interface tweaks in VBOX setup
Dynamic throttling applied to live windows - helps prevent live serial data loss and com buffer over flows 
Minor bug fixes on live line graph windows
Setup changes for VB3i (NOTE: VB3i FW version 1.6b20 or higher recommended for full compatibility plus added functionality)
A.D.A.S setup updated for VBOX3 and VBOX3i
CAN pass-through setup added for VBOX3i 
Com port scanning improved for Vista and 7 users
Minor module component bug fixes 

2.1.1 Build 001 - May 2010
Multilanguage and extended character set support
Improved graphical user interface
Full VB3i functionality – ADAS, IMU Kalman filter, configurable leap seconds offset, more functionality stored in Racelogic Configuration Files (.RCF)
RepGen time results configurable between two and three decimal places
Ability to set baud rate of GPS engine serial port (the second serial port, located on the CAN socket) to allow DGPS correction messages to be transmitted via third party telemetry systems
Ability to interpolate from new log rates (i.e. other than 20Hz and 5Hz) to 100Hz, particularly useful for customers using VBMini or VB2SX10
Numerous improvements to Real Time Plot screen (now called “Lap Timing”).

2.0.1 Build 047 - Aug 2009
Multi Language BETA Release of the VBOX Tools software.
New Layout for increased visibility of working area.

1.9.9 Build 003 - May 2009
Update for VBOX3s with new type of GPS engine.

1.9.9 Build 000 - May 2009
New VB3i commands added for latest release of GPS engine firmware. 

1.9.8 Build 004 - May 2009
Update for IMU integration for VB3i. 
Compatible with new GPS engine firmware for VB3i.

1.9.2 Build 042 - Mar 2009
Works with new VB3i 100Hz Datalogger.
Compatible with Video VBOX VBO and Video Files.
Compatible with Vehicle Separation facility available on VBIII and VB3i units.
Addition of new facility to enable the use of 2nd digital socket of VBIII and VB3i as a configurable switched level output.

1.8.2 Build 014 - Jun 2008
Works with new VB2SX5 5Hz Datalogger.
Now correctly handles units information from a TC8 thermocouple module.
Latitude and longitude channels have been added as column headers in RepGen. (Note: Full functionality not currently available).
Column average and standard deviation have been made available again for speed columns.
Speed line conditions now appear correctly. Previously some end conditions prevented speed lines from being displayed.
RepGen now interpolates data at the end of a test if a time end condition is used.
Delta between test lines feature now working correctly for time channel.
Transferring voice tagging files between computers that run in different languages no longer causes errors.
Voice tagging files now close correctly after playing. Previously this did not happen and caused problems if trying to delete unwanted voice tagging files.
The voice tagging indicator in a logged .VBO file has been changed from +160 sats to +256 sats. This change was necessary as +160 sats was already used as a flag by multi-antenna units if they had both RTK lock and DGPS lock.
Output Configure screen now deals with Max Speed value correctly at all times. Previously the background units-conversion did not occur until either the Test or Apply buttons were clicked.
Settings for live window line graphs are now saved and loaded correctly, allowing additional channels to be configured using .RCF files or automatically when starting the software or switching between modes.

1.8.1 Build 027 - May 2008
Fix to allow .KML files to work with the latest version of Google Earth.

1.8.1 Build 026 - Apr 2008
Report Generator:
Ability to assign memory stores at specific test lines, rather than every test line.
Elapsed distance channel, allowing calculation of distance travelled between tests.
Memory stores can be set as column headers.
Pick Test feature now operates using a quicker directory structure.
Time channel format now now available in ss.ss or mm:ss.ss.
User text is now saved with test results.
A warning is issued before a custom setup is changed, allowing the user to save the existing setup if desired.
Ability to hide line conditions.

Streamlined data table reducing screen wastage.
Setup menus are now identical throughout the Graph screen.

Live Windows:
Warning thresholds give visual and audio warnings above, below or between user-defined ranges for any data channel.
A Line Graph Live Window's Y-axis can now be reset at the click of a button.

Voice tagging in PC File Manager allows recording of audio ntoes during tests.
Output to Google Earth now automatically sub-samples data if required to fit within Google Earth's tolerances.
The software can be set to automatically calculate body angle data from suitable files whenever they are loaded into VBOXTools.

Compatible with new FIM03 firmware, allowing advanced Fuel Flow testing.
The Speed Quality and Radius of Turn channels are now available throughout the software (previously they were unavailable in some places).

Also numerous bug fixes.

1.7.7 Build 003 - Oct 07
This version of VBOXTools fixes a number of problems in Report Generator
Most notably a bug causing trigger event time not to be used correctly.
Fix to the Map Window measure facility.

1.7.4 Build 015 - Sept 2007
A dedicated cursor for each run in the Map window.

Report Generator:
Finish Lines can now also be used as start conditions to allow bi-directional tests with Start and finish lines.

An arrange windows facility to relocate lost windows.
Compatability with the new VBOX20SL3

1.7.3 Build 021 - June 2007
Report Generator:
New Batch test facility
Additional Column headings
Highlight run facility
many new improvements to Start/End and Line conditions.

Ability to load Map Background images
Manual Scale option for Speed channel
Custom Graph now has Multiple Y axes
The saving of all Graph screen attributes and labels is now fully working.

PC file manager now has the option to Log Continuously
Google Earth export files now allow a positional offset to be applied
KML files produced in Google earth can now be imported into VBOXTools
Radius of Turn can now be used Live and has a new smoothing facility.
A new Internet connection facility allows Serial data to be transmitted from one computer to another live via the internet.

All of the VBOXIII configurable parameters can be configure by a configuration file on the CF card.
A new telemetry mode stops error screens by disabling the initial VBOXTools communication, that is not possible via telemetry.
Lap Timing Information can be shown in Live Windows.
Split lines can be given names.
1.6.4 Build 003 - January 2007
Changes made to allow software to work correctly with VB20SL
Some bug fixes, mostly affecting report generator test configurations

1.6.2 Build 005 - November 2006
Changes made to allow software to work correctly with VB2SX

1.6.1 Build 027 - October 2006
Numerous bug fixes
Added ability to view speed in knots
Added Speed Columns feature
Added Memory Stores feature
Added several new features to Real Time plot screen, including overlay and manual zoom
Added RepGen User Text column
Added Rate Of Change to Maths Channel and Generate New Channel features
Added ability for user to set the number of split lines used by the software
Added circuit alignment feature
Added Standard Deviation feature to RepGen 
Increased number of Maths channel from two to five

1.4.3 Build 002 - June 2006
Fixes bug with Centre Line deviation in the live Report Generator screen

1.3.2 Build 027 - June 2006
Required for use with VBOX Mini

1.2.1 Build 095 - May 2006
Note: This software requires that all VBOX units have the latest version of firmware
Required to work correctly with the latest VBOX units (all types, including VBS20SL)
Added ability to configure VBS20SL
Added centreline drift test functionality
Added ability to calculate body angle channel from  IMU data
Added ability to measure straight line distance on the graph map
Added ability to export data for viewing in Google Earth (previously only worked with Google Earth Plus) and now has improved functionality
Lap Timing screen renamed Real Time Plot and moved to Tools menu
Added ability to set any CAN baud rate on VCI
Added facility to set 20cm DGPS in VBOXIIS
Added facility to alter GPS Latacc and GPS Longacc smoothing values in VBOXIIS
Added facility to set VBOXII, VBOXIII and VBOXLite to 5Hz serial, for use with telemetry system
Added facility to configure VBOXIIISS CAN outputs
Added ability to load and clear splits from the RepGen toolbar
Added ability to change number of rows of data in RepGen
Added ability to save a record of which files are loaded into the graph screen
Added ability to save maths channel
Added greater support for widescreen displays
Added more features to the terminal screen
Added ability to read RDF files (Racelogic Database Files that store CAN data)
Added ability to save data as .csv (comma delimited) files
Added ability to change number of bars in a live window level graph
RepGen can now be paused and unpaused instead of stopping and having to restart at the beginning of a file
Channels on DBC files now loaded into groups, easing use and greatly decreasing loading times
Added ability to batch process files in RepGen
Improved VBOX summary screen layout
Numerous bug fixes

1.1.0 Build 051 - Dec 2005
Rep Gen corrected distance for a specified start speed now works correctly.
Live windows created through RepGen now update at the logging/serial data rate, rather than every time a RepGen result line is produced.
RepGen column headers now turn green to indicate that RepGen is running.
Problems using negative values of the Maths Channels in RepGen now resolved.
Multiple issues with the display of Graph mode axes resolved.
Several issues with RepGen finding the start of tests (particularly in live mode) resolved.
Live window line graph colours now changed to make data easier to read.
Changes to the Graph mode's Velocity scale and axis display are now permitted.
Minor modifications to standard RepGen test setups.
Issues with viewing graphs or saving data of live RepGen runs resolved.
Most acceleration values now available in ft/s/s.
Start/finish and split lines can now be added in Lap Timing screen.
Allows user to enable Velocity Quality channel on a VBOXIII (must have firmware version 2.03b0004 or above).
File edit keys in Graph screen no longer conflict with keys for clearing split lines.
VBOX can now be set for 1Mbit CAN bus mode correctly.
VBOXII RAM download now works correctly.
Saving a file with '(x, y) in meters' now works correctly (produces two columns of data, x pos and y pos, in both VBOXTools and when saved for use in text editors).
Delta distance option showing total distance on end line of a run now fixed.
Problems using CAN channels in RepGen after closing software now resolved.
Continuous testing no longer occurs when that option is unchecked in RepGen Test Setup.
If a line condition and end condition for a run occur at the same time, only the end line will now be shown.
Problems with RepGen deleting results due to large numbers of test resets now resolved.
Live Data view in VBOX Setup can now be closed then reopened without leaving that channel's setup screen.
Lap Timing screen's quick-scan now includes a progress bar.
Advanced logging conditions now work for latitude and longitude.
Advanced logging velocity now stays at desired value when re-entering advanced logging screen.
Radius of turn now calculated correctly.
Other minor bugs fixed.

1.0.1 Build 027 - Oct 2005
First Commercial release of VBOXTools software, latest firmware is required on VBOX for full functionality.