VBSS100-XX History

Stock code:
Latest update:
1.08 b1664
11/2017 -  November 2017
Improvements in positional CAN data - MFD and CAN output match
(Note) OEM Upgrade requires Racelogic Upgrader Software version 1.9.123 or higher

01.07.00b1642 - December 2016
Added support for VBSS100SLR (RTK enabled speed sensor) 
Note this is not publicly available, for more information please contact Racelogic

01.07.00b1637 - July 2015
Enabled CAN delay changed to 20ms
Increased number of CAN channels available when in Enabled CAN delay

01.05.00b1542 - December 2014
Improved CAN delay function VBSS100
Requires Racelogic Confic software version 1.1.59

01.04.00b1481 - February 2014
Implemented compatibility with Racelogic Config for all VBSS 05-100 units

00.09.00b0007  March 2013

00.09.00b0004 - August 2012
Added speed clamp function
CAN delay function added for VW
Bug fixes

00.06.00b0005 - November 2011
Support for new GPS engine revision

00.06.00b0002 - September 2011
Trigger output added to serial stream for use with Brake Test Software

00.05.00b0003 - August 2011
ADAS support added.

0.02.00b0000 - July 2010
Feature: Lean angle added
Bug fix: Scaling of 307 CAN message corrected
Bug fix: Non-consecutive CAN ID transmission fixed
Bug fix: Improvement made to calculation of radius of turn

0.01.00b0016 - July 2009
First release