VBOX Test Suite History

Stock code:
Latest update:
09/2019 - Nov 2019 

Features added:
- Added ability to connect online to a unit without refreshing channel names. This feature was previously known as 'Telemetry Mode' in VBOX Tools.
- Added 'Braking Accuracy' pass condition.
- VB3iS Kalman Filter status on serial.
- Lat and Long_raw units updated for VB3iS. 

- Log rate calculation was sometimes incorrect on short files and resulted in software performance issue.  
- VBTS map has improved handling of data when coasting (without SATS). 
- AD channel names sometimes did not display as configured within VBOX Setup. Now fixed.
- Adding gates in populated areas performance improved. 
- Performance improvements with 2nd channel for live chart gauge. 
- Improved connection resume after power cycle of unit or after exiting VBOX Setup and returning to VBTS.
- TxPH fix to avoid incorrectly going into run comparison mode. - Sep 2019

Plugins added
- ADAS UNR79 CSF (beta)
- ADAS UNR79 Lane Keeping (beta)
- ADAS UNR79 Max Lateral Accel (beta)
- Pass-By Noise EPA (beta)

Features added:
- Gates added to workspace
- VB3iS serial support 
- Lane survey functionality (added to UNR79 and Park Assist)
- VBTS in Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Korean
- Video screen capture 
- Multiple video layout 
- Support for voice tagging 
- Add secondary channel to live chart 'gauge'
- Path follow UI & checkbox added 'show previous set to 5 seconds for backward compatibility'
- Calibration warning whenever a calibration is selected/required
- Auto scale for live chart 'gauge'
- Renaming of result column titles
- Saving of interim conditions to VBTS config
- Saving of chart axis alterations to VBTS config
- KML export UI trace.
- Video playback 'hardware acceleration' (mainly for lower powered machines for multiple video)
- Ability to load S/F lines
- Dual antenna channel re-added to VBTS (VB3i)
- Accel Use of gates as start conditions

- Improve map performance for long running tests
- Graph scaling improvements (for large files)
- Lap timing availability improved
- Test Suite handling of VB3i cycles
- Time stamp of saved data improved
- Files from VBOX Pro fixed (log rate error) 
- 'Vehicle up' feature improved
- J2909 'missing 20th stop' present
- Bluetooth connections improved 
- Latency issues improved on lower powered machines
- Adding gates 'online' improved - Feb 2019

Plugins added
 - R78 Braking
 - R138 Pass-By Noise for electric vehicles
 - R117 Pass-By Noise for tyres (beta)
 - Park Assist (beta)

Features added
 - Centre Line Deviation check added to Coastdown plugins
 - Chinese and Japanese language support
 - Default results columns can be removed
 - Jump to data point from the measure tool
 - VBOX Mini micro input module channels can now be viewed live
 - 'Not between' alert condition added to gauges
 - Trigger channel auto scales to over-laid channel
 - Interim results now interpolates between samples
 - Vehicle overlay uses True Heading when available
 - Multiple Video VBOX files can now be opened
 - Trigger ignored for 3 seconds after test start (Brake Tests)

 - General chart improvements
 - General map improvements
 - Pass-by Noise accuracy improvements when starting on trigger
 - Elapsed Time calculation fixed when using 'log when moving'
 - VB2SX modules no longer freezing when online
 - 'Cut' chart action improved
 - Math Channel errors fixed
 - Kalman Filter status correctly displayed online
 - VBOX unit type and log rate recognised correctly
 - 'Brake Trigger' renamed to 'Trigger'
 - HASP key removed from installer and plugins - Jun 2018

Plugins added
 - R138 Pass-By Noise for electric vehicles (beta)
 - R78 Braking for motorcycles (beta)

Features added
 - Interim conditions as columns and between values
 - VBOX Sport online compatibility (via Bluetooth)
 - Can view chart data in ‘sharp’ mode (Tools functionality) and can remove data points
 - End User License Agreement window presented during install
 - Duplicate module channel names supported – (suffixes added)
 - Can now close all open files in session
 - Language support – French & German
 - Weather station input for Pass-By Noise plugins
 - Support of .vbc files as path/outlines
 - J2909 Braking can be started via trigger
 - MFDD can be displayed as percentage or speed
 - Runs on .NET framework 4.7.1 (older OS no longer supported)
 - Improvements to Path Prediction 
 - Coastdown and Lane Change plugins no longer in beta
 - Gauge warnings are now independent 
 - AD channel data can be displayed live
 - Progress bar shows status when coming in & out of Setup

 - 'Distance between runs' when online no longer increases due to noise
 - Live position now works properly when in IMU coast
 - L Urban calculations fixed when one microphone used in R51
 - Passing runs now ticked by default for Pass-By noise tests
 - General chart improvements
 - Vehicle overly correctly orientated when viewing multiple files 
 - Graph cut function improved
 - Math channels handle non-default units
 - Files with large periods of no GPS data are handled better
 - Overlapping speed ranges displayed in Coastdown properly 

Trigger Speed change

#10707: When calculating trigger speeds, VBOX Tools used the closest sample prior to the trigger being active.
VBTS interpolated between samples to get a more accurate time, however the interpolation was done wrong.
The trigger event time offset was being applied to the wrong sample.
This issue is now rectified in

 - Tyre Traction
 - R78 – Braking
 - J2909 – Braking
 - Corner Analysis – Mining
 - Time and Motion – Mining
 - R138 – Pass-by Noise - Nov 2017
New updates:
-	VBOX Setup compatibility
-	Maths channel improvements
-	Path Prediction update
-	General bug fixes - Sep 2017
New Plugins introduced;
  -	Euro NCAP AEB
  -	ABNT NBR (Brazil) Coastdown
  -	Lane Change
New features;
  -	New map functions - online map, centre on vehicle, vehicle up
  -	Path Prediction (beta)
  -	Keyboard shortcuts added
New updates;
  -	File loading performance
  -	Bug fixes - Feb 2017
New Plugins introduced; 
  -	R41 Pass-by Noise
  -	R51 Pass-by Noise
  -	GTR15 Coastdown
  -	SAE J2263 Coastdown
  -	Custom Test
Chart drawing improvements.
Minor bug fixes. - March 2016
  -	Lateral Aquaplane Plugin Added
  -	Longitudinal Aquaplane Plugin Added
  -	Performance Improvements
  -	Bug Fixes - September 2015
  -	New brake trigger and speed test plugins
  -	Additional accel test criteria
  -	Bug fixes - March 2015
  -	Updated UI
  -	Implemented pre-configured test setups
  -	Bug fixes - January 2015
Initial Software release 
  - 	Accel and Decel plugins
  - 	Live data functionality