VBOX Touch Speed and Route Profiler History

Stock code:
Latest update:

Version - 21 May 2021

  - [New] Support for VBOX Touch RTK and Performance Box Touch hardware.

  - [Fix] Issue with beep tone staying on after changing speed tolerance.
  - [Fix] Issue with the unit crashing when SD card is ejected and an SPP file is selected.
  - [Fix] Unit displaying '???' on logging settings when the app is first installed.
  - [Fix] LED colour being incorrect for first stage above target speed.
  - [Fix] Unit crashing when a wrong format is used for the spp file.
  - [Fix] Unit loading wrong SPP file at times.
  - [Fix] Results file listing the same vbo file for multiple runs when RESET was pressed.

Version BETA - October 2019

Initial release