VBOX Touch History

Stock code:
Latest update:

Version - 25 August 2020

 -[New] Performance tests now reset upon satellite drop
 -[Fix] Performance test results now displayed properly on the results table pages

Version - 21 May 2020

- [Fix] Improves screen responsiveness when changing modes 
- [Fix] Improved delta time colours around 0.00s 
- [Fix] Loading same gates no longer cause lap data to reset 
- [Fix] Resolved unit freezing on satellite acquisition in certain conditions

Version - 4 May 2020

 New Features:
 - Ability to add/clear a seperate finish line
 - Standing start lap timing mode
 - DB scanner slope correction mode for accel tests
 - Time and date settings
 - White logging icon to show logging is primed and waiting for Real Time Clock to sync

 - Faster boot times
 - Mode alerts 

Version - June 2019

 Initial release