VBOX III History

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2.15 b0002

2.15 bld 2 - May 2009
Update for new GPS engine compatibility.

2.14 bld 6 - March 2009
Full implementation of vehicle separation facility
Implementation of new feature to 2nd digital output, to allow configurable level switched output.

2.09 bld 4 - May 2007
Enhances functionality of the setup via CF card facility
Reduces possibility of the unit locking up due to CAN bus compatability issues
Required for use with VBOXTools V1.7.3

2.08 bld 5 - Dec 2006
Fixes a rare bug that prevented the VB3 working correctly with CF cards of capacity 256MB or higher

2.05 bld 3 - Aug 2006
Note: Requires VBOXTools v1.2.1 Bld 95 to work correctly
Required for units with the paid RTK upgrade

2.04 bld 6 - May 2006
Note: Requires VBOXTools v1.2.1 Bld 95 to work correctly
Allows the serial data rate to be set to 5Hz for sending serial data via telemetry module

2.03 bld 8 - Apr 2006
This firmware is required to make the VBOX work with the latest version of GPS engine firmware. It adds no new functionality. 

2.03 bld 4 - Dec 2005
This firmware versions has 'Velocity Quality'as a new standard channel .
Allows additional channels to be used for advanced logging conditions, and fixes problems found when using latitude and longitude as logging options.

2.02 bld 1 - Oct 2005
This firmware is required for compatibility with the new VBOXTools software version 1.0.1build25

2.01 bld 8 - June 2005
This firmware in combination with MFD 8.06 solves the communication problems found when going into the MFD setup screen in VBOX setup software.
This Firmware allows full File Manager Compatability
Also the logging light would dimly glow when not logging, this has been fixed with this firmware

2.01 bld 5 - Apr 2005
This new firmware contains a real time Kalman Filter. The settings for this on-line Kalman Filter can be set and adjusted using VBOX software 8.2.6 bld 10 or later or a File Manager.

1.10 bld105 - Mar 2005
Fixes a problem with analogue and digital outputs due to changes made in previous firmware version.

1.10 bld 5 - Feb 2005
We have added the ability to swap between UTC and GPS time with the following commands, for UTC time enter: $VB3,S,ReceiverTime,$FF and for GPS time enter: $VB3,S,ReceiverTime,$00. These commands should be entered into the GPS message window of the GPS tab in VBOX setup software. The difference between GPS time and UTC time is 13 seconds used as a compensation for the slowing of the earths rotation.
There is an improvement to the communication routines that was causing some people to have difficultly coming in and out of VBOX setup.
This firmware also uses new Eeprom routines for more efficient reading and writing to internal Eeprom.

1.09 bld 3 - Dec 2004
Added the ability, via VBOX software, to change the dynamic mode of the VBOX. This is applied to the type of test conducted, ie high dynamic, high accuracy distance measurement or lower dynamic general testing requiring less noisy acceleration data.
The ability to switch between Extended and Standard CAN identifiers on the secondary CAN port, via VBOX software.
Bug fix that cures a problem with CAN channels not being recognised for display on a MFD.
Improved distance accuracy on the CAN output for the Multifunction display.

1.06 bld 80 - Sept 2004
The version has been created as part of the release of the VBIII speed sensor, there are no other changes.

1.05 bld 27 - July 2004
The selection of the Log rate from the front panel is now correctly stored and remembered.

1.04 bld 44 - June 2004
The VBOXIII now logs data down to much lower velocities. This cures the spikes in the longitudinal acceleration found at the point the vehicle starts to move.
There are now improved firmware routines to ensure EEPROM integrity, that had caused the logging to stop.
Fixed a bug that caused tests to stop calculating below 5Km/h, which affected the MFDD calculation on low speed decelerations.
An error in trigger velocity is now cured.
Logging delay now corresponds correctly to the delay time period chosen.
Velocity is now logged in Km/h.

1.00 bld 448 - April 2004
Original Commercial Release.