Video VBOX Setup History

Stock code:
Latest update:


v3.26 b432 - March 2016
Bug fixes
Auto track map update 

v3.23 b416 - September 2014
Changes made to German Translation
German version only - Current Lap Time now reads time rather than lap number

V3.23 b416 - September 2014
Installer change only. Circuit Database includes 485 tracks.

V3.23 b415 - Setpember 2014
Performance Tools added to the installer

V3.23 b414 - August 2014
Raw CAN logging feature added
Digital IO Event marker feature added
Multiple needle rotations feature added
Floating camera feature added
Minor changes to Gauge config
Grouped element save/export added
Track map database update

V3.11 build 274 - August 2012
Minor changes made to elements - bar graph behaviour

V3.11 build 269 - August 2012
Software changed to support older firmware versions

V3.11 build 267 - July 2012
Bug fix in component files 
Fixed for loading REF files

V3.11 build 265 - July 2012
Geo Fencing added
PLT data parameters added
Maths channel logical operators added
Reworked layer control
Bug Fixes

V3.5 build 213 - January 2012
Change to CAN channel loading
Unit types removed
Support for new unit types (8 CAN channel units & waterproof VVB)

V3.1.0 build 202 - September 2011
Bug Fixes
Multi-language support

V3.0.0 build 200 - September 2011
To be used with V3 Video VBOX
New smoothing channel options added
Auto trackmap element added 

V2.14.0 build 174 - June 2011
New scene upload buttons
New generic scenes - PAL and NTSC
New track map database layout and new track maps added
New standard elements
Improved method of element creation
'Rubber band' feature for quickley grouping and moving elements
New notification bars

V2.12.0 build 101 - November 2010
	PIP fix for loading scene files

V2.11.0 build 100 - November 2010
System Info
	Local time offset can now be applied 
Logging settings
	Use time in filename feature
	Disable logging option
	CAN activated logging
Video Settings
	No camera no video option
Lap Timing section (new)
	Ignore start line count option
	Start/finish database
	Beep at speed option
Performance Tests
	End of test reset option
	Beep at end of test option
	Extra speed and distance units added  speed = ft/s  Distance = Miles, KM & nautical miles
Math Channel Section (new)
Load track map/start line from database
Display range element type added
G-Plot now called XY plot  functionality extended
Under scenes tab, option to display only PAL or NTSC scenes.

V2.10.0 build 13 - June 2010
Performance results
Track map from single lap VBO
Start/Finish line marked on track map
Simple shape element to create basic element background
Bug fix: 4 CAN channels remembered for Video VBOX Lite scenes (712)

V2.8.0 build 08 - March 2010
Support for Video VBOX Pro
New G Plot and transparent horizontal bar graph element types
Configurable log file naming

V2.5.0 build 09 - February 2010
Bug fixes

V2.3.0 build 01 - November 2009
register menu fix

V2.2.0 build 01 - November 2009
.NET Framework fix 

V2.1.0 build 01 - October 2009
Addition of support for Video VBOX LITE
Addition of support for Micro Input Module
Addition of layering and grouping feature
Addition of four camera support
Addition of configurable start logging speed and stop logging delay
Fixed copy and Paste bug

V1.4.0 build 05 - July 2009
Fixed single pixel line drawing error on overlay images
Fixed Text element alignment error

V1.4.0 build 03 - June 2009
Addition of MIM default channels
Addition of Track Maps to installation
Addition of gauges to installation
Circuit and Split folder included in 'Additional Documentation' folder

V1.2.0 build 14 - March 2009
Initial Release of Video VBOX Setup Software Partial Web Installation. 
Contains Video VBOX Setup Software only. Performs check if .NET 3.5 Installed on user machine, If not installed, initiates download of .NET from Microsoft Website.