LapTimer PitLane History

Stock code:
Latest update:

1.1.16 - September 2018
Reason for release:
•	Increased maximum ‘Pit to Exit’ time to 90s
•	Increased ‘Minimum Pit Time’ precision to 0.1s
•	LED Precision increased: Red LED will illuminate when 0s over pit to exit margin; Green LEDs will illuminate when 0.1s under pit-to-exit margin

1.1.14 - May 2018
(Change) Retaining pit entrance and exit points after a power cycle.

1.1.12 - May 2017
(Change) Maximum Pitbox to Exit Line time increased from 30s to 60s.
(Update) Support for latest GPS receiver firmware.

1.1.10 - April 2015
Initial release