VBOX IISX Dual Antenna History

Stock code:
Latest update:
VB20SL V3/V4

1.10 b0007 - October 2020
Support for VB20SL V4 with new GNSS engine added

1.10 bld0004 - December 2014
Firmware released for serial variants 79341 onwards. For previous hardware variants please see the legacy page.

1.07 bld0012 - Feb 2011
Serial output fixed for position
SDHC support
FAT32 support
CANVEL functionality added

1.06 bld0001 - Apr 2010
Kalman filter update

1.03 bld0006 - Jul 2008
Added VCI mode for logging data from vehicle / 3rd party CAN bus.
Added Time Offset feature to adjust file properties to local time (does not affect UTC time within file).

1.02 bld0004 - Sep 2007
Added ability to perform slip angle calculate offset procedure via CAN
Added Lateral Acceleration and Longitudinal Acceleration as analogue and digital outputs
Restructured front panel menu layout for greater ease of use

1.01 bld0194 - Jun 2007
Required for compatability with VBOXTools 1.7.3
Maximum antenna separation is increased to 5M
Pitch/Roll offset facility has been added.
Slip/Pitch/Roll angle smoothing has been improved.  
Adds a module mode for use with another VBOX, as a sensor.
DGPS modes can be enabled from the Front Panel.
DGPS mode is displayed on the Front Panel
Improvements to the Kalman Filter routines. 

1.01 bld 0167 - Jan 2007
Fixes a bug that caused the Slip Angle to be shown as zero on CAN whenever negative

1.01 bld 0161 - Dec 2006
First release - requires VBOXTools v1.6.4 Bld 03