VBOX II History

Stock code:
Latest update:


4.5e - Jun 2007
Required for use with the latest VBOXTools software

4.5d - Jan 2007
This firmware fixes a bug that caused VBOXIIS units to incorrectly report height above 320M.

4.5c - Nov 2006
Fixes a rare bug that caused problems with a small minority of older VB2 GPS engines

4.5a - May 2006
Note: Requires VBOXTools v1.2.1 Bld 95 to work correctly
Allows the user to set the GPS Latacc and GPS longacc smoothing values in the VBOXIIS
Allows the serial data rate to be set to 5Hz for sending serial data via telemetry module

4.4d - Jan 2006
This firmware makes the VBOX log velocity to compact flash as km/h instead of knots.

4.4c - Oct 2005
This firmware is required for compatibility with the new VBOXTools software version 1.0.1build25
4.2p - May 2005
This firmware fix's a bug that caused an incorrect distance in the Acceleration distance when a brake trigger was also connected and being used by the VBOX.

4.2o - May 2005
This firmware fixes a problem found when crossing the zero meridian or equator and then coming back over it.
The older YAW01 sensors now display both channels correctly on a MFD when used with a VBOXII

4.2n - Dec 2004
Improved Brake stop, accel and decel distance accuracy on CAN data for Multifunction display.

4.2m - Sept 2004
This fixes an error with the brake trigger in the VBOX that caused continued recording of a trigger event time every sample during the time the brake trigger is held.

4.2l - July 2004
This fixes the VBOX reporting incorrect hemisphere positional information during satellite dropouts.

4.2k - June 2004
Bug fix, now the test function in output configure will work without an antenna on all types of VBOXII.
Bug fix, the compact flash will revert correctly to the current logging mode after being removed whilst in VBOX setup.
Vertical Velocity is now shown in m/s for all types of VBOXII.

4.2g - March 2004
Fix for using O/P configure test facility with no aerial.
Fix for the correct detection of compact flash boards in some VBOX's.
Added code for future code compatability regarding VBOX3.

4.2f - March 2004
Fixed a bug in the output configure test routine that caused problems with the satellite count and DGPS light.

4.2e - March 2004
Fixed a bug that caused the ADC03 data to droput when there was a satellite drop out.

4.2d - December 2003
GPS cold start code altered to have the same affect on all GPS engines.

4.2c - November 2003
Improvements made to the accuracy of brake distance when using external triggers.
Required code updates for VBox compatability with new GPS engines.

4.1e - October 2003
VBOX now checks for presence of VBOX DIsplay and informs it of all CAN channels being
logged so that it can display them.

4.1c - September 2003
CF card corrupt data fixed

4.1a - September 2003
First release of new CAN protocol.
Open / Close CAN bus re-instated - See CANBus Operation.pdf for details.