VBOX II Lite History

Stock code:
Latest update:

2.3a - May 2007
Required for use with VBOXTools 1.7.3

2.2a - May 2006
Note: Requires VBOXTools v1.2.1 Bld 95 to work correctly
Allows the serial data rate to be set to 5Hz for sending serial data via telemetry module

2.1c - Dec 2005 
This firmware cures the bug that caused the 'error stopping GPS engine' message when VBOXTools was used with the VBOXLite, not found on all computers.

2.1a - Oct 2005
This firmware is required for compatibility with the new VBOXTools software version 1.0.1build25
2.0f - Sept 2004
Fixes a bug with interpolation that caused the velocity data to be steppy.
Fixes a bug with the GPS engine that was making the UTC time jump forward and backward by 13secs and random intervals.

2.0d - July 2004
Now fully compatible with all VBOX CAN modules The event marker input has been enabled, so a brake trigger switch can be used as an event marker, not as a brake trigger.

2.0c - June 2004
Now fully recognises the MFD as a CAN module allowing MFD setup via the VBOX software.
Bug fix to longitude and latitudes which caused the circuit maps to mirror when used in certain areas of the world.

Changed how the velocity spike filter works to improve lock time

Added digital and anlogue outputs for ProLite
Added support for ProLite.

Fixed log rate option. You can now select 1,2,5,10 or 20Hz log rates from the windows software.
Fixed possible CF buffer overflow (same as VBoxII version 4.0a code).

Changes velocitys from unsigned to signed numbers.
Internal RAM upload size pointer was not being remapped correctly.