8 Channel Analogue History

Stock code:
Latest update:


3.08 - Aug 2013
Fixed issue with drop outs under heavy CAN loading.

3.07 - Jul 2010
Fix for problem configuring scale and offset.

3.05 - Dec 2005
This upgrade allows the ADC03 to send data in Signed Int format.
Also allows the ADC03 to perform 'data packing', allowing two channels to be sent over a single CAN message.
Please download the latest version of ModuleSetup.exe to enable these new features.

3.01 - Dec 2004
This upgrade will allow the ADC03 to work in stand alone mode, requiring Module Setup.exe to configure the stand alone settings.
This upgrade also fixes an internal speed problem that caused some ADC03's to show erroneous results when used with VBOXIII's

1.06 - May 2004
This firmware required to include compatibility with new VBOX3

1.04 - September 2003
Introduction of New CAN protocol