MFD - English/German History

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13.09 - March 2019
	-	Fixed issue where MFD could freeze when running at 1 M/Bit Baud rate while connected to CanHub.
	-	Fixed issue where random characters could be displayed when MFD 'beep' action is triggered.

13.05 - May 2017
MFD now gives a value for speed when satellites are lower than 3 and when a valid IMU KF solution is present.
Fixes issue where split-finish time could be wrong.
Fixes issue where last split would show session time.
Added drive-by-noise parameters:
        -	Velocity at microphone
        -	Velocity at start line
        -	Velocity at finish line
        -	Acceleration across test area
Beep at end of test now works for both speed and distance tests.

12.01 - September 2014
Bug fix: Allows VBOX Tools/MFD to change distance units
Consistancy added between MFD and VBOX Manager

11.05 - April 2014
Addition of IMU-INS status channel for use with VB3i-V3 IMU filter
Various bug fixes

10.03 - May 2011
Changes made for new thermal printer compatibility

10.00 - Apr 2010
Improvements for MFDD calculations.

9.11 - Oct 2008
Dedicated English/German firmware version released to free up code space.
Improvements made to distance measurement in acceleration and deceleration tests. 
Added drive by noise test facility.
Added lap count facility.

8.11 - Jan 2006
This adds a new parameter to the Brake Trigger test called Average Decel 2 - this calculates the average longitudinal deceleration of a trigger test using the formula a = (-v^2)/(2s) where a = acceleration, v = velocity at brake trigger and s = distance travelled since brake trigger.

8.10 - Dec 2005
This fixes a bug from the last version that stopped the use of the MFD in all languages except English.
The ability to disable the Brake trigger warning screen. 

8.08 - Sept 2005
Compact Flash setup added, This facility allows the MFD to auto Setup from a config file on a Compact flash card inserted into a VBOXIII
Fixes a bug with Distance Travelled when the units is set to feet.
8.06 - May 2005
Fixes a problem with using VBOX setup and entering MFD setup, found in the last version.

8.05 - May 2005
The display parameter Memory Free has been changed to Memory Used.
The message Brake Trigger now only flashes up for one second, even if the trigger is held for longer so that data can be viewed whilst the brake trigger is pressed.

8.04 - December 2004
Using the latest VBOX software the MFDD thresholds can be set to specified start and end speeds.
A new function to allow a beep to occur at a chosen velocity has been added to the Config Display menu.
German Translation for 'Accel Test setup' and 'Decel test setup' corrected.
Bug fix that caused the Main screen Accel and Decel tests to not work after using one of the Magazine Tests.
Now in the Magazine tests if the test is set to end at a distance then Time and end velocity is shown.

7.27 - October 2004
Eight Magazine style test screens have been added to the MFD. Each test can be named and the start and end conditions specified.
Each screen then shows the real time Velocity and the time and distance of the test performed. This provides a quick and easy way to switch between tests when using the VBOX. If a printer is connected, the printer will print the results as each test is performed.

7.23 - August 2004
Bug fix with 'Time to target distance' distance value. Previously when it was set to feet it was still treating it as if it were in metres.

7.23 - July 2004
The CAN data rate of the MFD can now be set from a new option in the Config Display Menu.
The split time upload now works correctly regardless of which hemisphere you are in.
The new style thermal printer is supported by this code revision.
The Latitude and Longitude, displays VBOX3 position correctly.
Now will work with the VBOX3 set to 1Hz logging.
The Target screen now shows the current speed rather than the target speed.
The setup menus can still be accessed when the screen displays ˜CAN inactive"

7.16 - June 2004
Full compatibility with VBOXIII added.
Full functionality with CAN channels selected through software or via front panel buttons.
Average deceleration is now calculated at the end of a break stop, to ensure it is correctly updated.
Changes made to the way Lateral and Longitudinal acceleration is smoothed and also to the way the MAX values are calculated.
The MFD can now display the VBOXIII logging status, current file name and the flash card memory usage.

7.08 - March 2004 
Fixed bug that now fully enables all channels to be correctly configured from VBOX software. 

7.07 - January 2004
Lap / Split Times are now to 2 decimal places.
Fixed bug in split line functions that caused the MFD to occasionally get sample points incorrect for split positions that could lead to an error of up to 0.2 seconds
Fixed bug in brake test results where corrected trigger distance did not always update and print

7.06 - January 2004
Added Vertical Velocity 2 – this displays vert vel in metres/sec or feet/sec depending on velocity units. 

7.05 - December 2003 
Upload and Download of Start/finish and split markers to and from VBOX software added. 

7.04 - November 2003
Fix a problem with incorrect display of Deceleration time (ST). 

7.03 - October 2003
Bug fixed when displaying CAN data. 

7.02 - October 2003 
Introduction of new CAN protocol. 

7.01 - August 2003 
'Distance Travelled' and 'Average Velocity' added to display.