VBOX Micro History

Stock code:
Latest update:

v1.10 b0003

v1.10b0003 - August 2014
Implemented support for negative altitude values, minor bug fixes and Racelogic Config Setup SW compatibility

v1.08b0000 - June 2014
Rectified an intermittent issue with the file logging strategy. 

v1.07b0005 - November 2013
New GPS engine support

v1.06b0000 - June 2011
Fixed lat & long acceleration channel name in vbo file

v1.04b0000 - June 2010
Fixed extended IDs CAN issue
Fixed PC communications problem with Windows XP SP3

v1.01b0000 - October 2008
Fixes a bug where CAN IDs could be set to zero 

v1.0b0030 - October 2008
Initial firmware release