Mini Input Module History

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Latest update:

v2.00 b634

2.00 b634 - May 2017
Adds modes for pass-by noise testing, to log weather data

1.0b.35 - Nov 2010
Changes made to improve multi channel anologue input function.

1.0b31 - May 2008
Added feature to reset fuel flow count with brake trigger. 
With Digital Input 1 of the MiM connected to a fuel flow pulse count, pressing a brake trigger 
connected to the Vbox will reset the count.

1.0b30 - June 2007
Fixes a bug that prevented the unit from working on a VBOX after being used on a VBOXMini.

1.0b27 - December 2006
Fixes a bug that resulted in the wrong byte order being used for 32-bit floats in stand-alone mode

1.0b24 - December 2006
Fixes a bug that prevented the analogue and digital outputs functioning