VBOX Mini History

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v3.00 b0056

V3.00b0056 - July 2014
Bug fix for issue introduced in v3.00b0049 where some SD cards were not detected on power up.(#4665)

V3.00b0049 - June 2014
Added Support for SDHC cards
User customisable start speeds for distance tests
Minor bug fixes

V3.00b0038 - November 2012
Minor label fix in performance mode
Support for new LCD screen hardware

V3.00b0025 - August 2011
Added support for old version of CAL files. 

V3.00b0024 - June 2011
Allowing lap times greater than 9 minutes to be displayed (#1867).
An attempt to fix the issue with the multiple file creation (#1856).
A change relating to drift mode yaw/GPS heading syncing.
Fix for speed mode re: blank screen.
Small change made to the way the unit loads in large PLT ref files.
Major changes made to free up CPU memory for PLT as we are having problems with laps over 8 minutes.
Bug fix for SD card loading and MMC code changes made.

V1.04b0080 - Oct 2009
Bug fix for CAL files.
Micro input Module added.

V1.04b0077 - June 2009
Update for new type of GPS engine. 

V1.04b0076 - May 2009
New display screen added for Mini input Module.

v1.04b0068 - April 2008
Enhanced OK button functionality.
Added Odo and height screens in Speed mode. Scrolling up or down from the main speedometer screen accesses the new Odometer and Altimeter screens.
Changed Lap timing screen layout. Lap times and big times at split now displayed in a larger, easy to read font.
Added Lap count function. Current lap now displayed in top left corner of the display.

v1.04b0054 - June 2007
Required for compatibility with VBOXTools 1.7.3
Continuous Logging is added as a Logging mode option.
A new single button press facility has been created for setting a Start/finish line.
All of the Distance Tests are now configurable.
The Event marker input on a MIM01 is now also logged as a Brake trigger event so that Rep gen can use this Event mark as Start or End conditions. (not for Brake stops)

v1.04b0031 - November 2006
Includes functionality required for use with Mini Input Module

v1.00b0028 - June 2006
Initial firmware release