VBOX Laptimer History

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Latest update:


1.13.2294 - February 2017

New GPS receiver support (UBLOX 10)

1.13.2288 - January 2017

(New) Live speed display now has a smoothing function (Menu > Display Menu > Speed Settings)
(New) New live speed bar for improved accuracy when testing at a dedicated speed range.
(New) New live G display including max G (Lat and Long G) added.
(New) New live G display bar (Lat and Long) has been added.
(New) ComboG LED mode added to the predictive lap timing mode.
(Fixed) Predictive Laptiming crash after setting user start/finish lines has been fixed.

1.12.39 - October 2015

Bug fix: Incorrect UTC time after midnight roll over.

1.12.35 - May 2015

Stability release: ensures unit still functions when internal battery runs flat.

1.12.31 - March 2015

Support for V2 Hardware added
New Feature: Delta V LED brightness can be adjusted from the Display Menu
New Feature: GPS Mode can be set to track either GPS+GLONASS, GPS+SBAS or GPS+BeiDou satellite constellations. Only available with V2 hardware.  
New Feature: Supports new Track database format. Track database version will be reported in .vbo files.

1.12.24 - August 2014

Allows the LapTimer to be used with Video VBOX Pro, Lite, Speed Sensor and VBOX with latest firmware