VBOX Setup Software History

Stock code:
Latest update:
10/2019 - August 2020

	- Adds support for VB3i 2.7 with refreshed UI. (plugin 3.2.24)
	- IMU Robot blend option
	- Ability to configure Wheel speed inputs
	- New CAN ID's, 329 (X,Y position) & 32A (Robot nav, position quality)
	- Warning message to allow IMU to sync before entering setup

	- VCI dbc export issues resolved
	- KF offset wording change - October 2019

	- Adds support for VB3iS. 
	- Includes updated FIM03 plugin.
	- Installer contains latest VB3i plugin, previously only available on auto-update.  

	- Brake Trigger byte on FIM03 now correctly limited. – August 2019
Reason for release:
 - VB3i plug-in release 3.0.30: Dual Antenna Slip offsets not setting correctly has been fixed
 - VB3i plug-in release 3.0.29: RCF feature has been improved - March 2019
   - Fixed bug for an IMU03 channel problem when switching between configuration modes.

v3.0.2.571 - February 2019
   - Added Compatibility with VB3i Firmware Version 2.6
   - Added options for new 3-Target Mode
   - Changed Wording of Single Target and Multi-Target to 1-target and 2-target respectively

   - Fixed bug where VCI Channel Information wasn’t updated correctly if only  
   - Message Configuration (Start Bit, Length, etc) had been changed manually within software

v2.1.21.546 - February 2018

*VB3i configuration
**Vehicle CAN database added.
**Added ADAS mode setting to IMU Kalman Filter configuration.
**Update to Racelogic CAN output table.
**Added information for connected CANHUB.
**Improved channel presentation for large CAN files.


*Module configuration fixes
**CAN02 baud rate setting fix.
**FIM03 properties UI fix.

*VB3i configuration
**No longer prevents the user from adding VCI CAN channels when separate Racelogic CAN bus is maximised.
**Connected Multi-Function Display (DSP03) CAN channel parameter selection fix. - November 2017
Reason for release:
•	Adds support for CAN Hub
•	Fixes issue where some data on 306/309/314 wasn’t being saved in exported DBC file
•	Fixes issue where enabling dual antenna could cause module channels to temporarily disappear in Setup
•	Fixes issue where some Transmitted Identifiers were losing status on single antenna VB3i units
•	Improved speed when writing to VB3i with certain modules connected (e.g.IMU03)
•	Improves connection stability to VB3i units via USB and Bluetooth
•	Renamed Topnet to NTRIP
•	Each ? icon now links to relevant page on the Racelogic Support site - Sept 2017
Reason for release: 
*Adds support for configuring VBOX 3i Dual Antenna (VB3iSL-V5) units

*Configuration files now improved:
  *Supports dual antenna mode/separation/offsets 
  *Now loads: Internal CAN Input channels, Leap seconds, CAN baud rate, CAN delay, Roof mount setting, DGPS/RTK mode
*DGPS/RTK status in the UI is now refreshed after coldstart
*Topnet and Moving Base modes now set correctly - July 2017
Reason for release:
*Adds VB3i plugin (full configuration ability, to replace VBOX Tools)
*Adds support for pass-by noise configuration of Mini Input Module (requires special VB3i firmware, contact support@racelogic.co.uk), and 2.0.634 or newer MIM firmware)
*Multiple bug fixes
*UI tweaks
*New library used to improve connection reliability
*General stability and performance improvements - December 2016
*Added support for VBSS100SLR (RTK enabled speed sensor) 
 Note this is not publicly available, for more information please contact Racelogic - November 2016
*VBMiC Plugin Updated 2.0.2
*Bug Fix for #8331 - Extended ID's were not set correctly. - June 2016
*Auto update functionality implemented
*Bug fixes
*Software renamed from Racelogic Config to VBOX Setup - September 2015
*Added support for TC8v2 - July 2015
*Support for v1.7 of Speed Sensor firmware

1.2b78 - Dec 2014
*Revised Serial Comms Protocol

1.1.76 - Dec 2013
*Adds support for IMU04 - Oct 2012
*New C# version of Racelogic upgrader released.
*Includes support of new V2 speed sensors and VDMS units.
*Requires .NET framework.

3.6.0 build 03 - Feb 2010
*Required to upgrade Speed Sensor.

3.2.7 build 02 - Dec 2009
*Addition of OLED.
*Fixed USB coms bug.

3.2.6 build 06 - Sept 2009
*Addition of PBSport, Mining Truck MFD, Video VBOX,
*OLED, LabSat, Speed Sensor, Micro Input Module, Video VBOX Lite.

3.1.3 build 01 - June 2008
*Addition of VB3i, VBMICRO, and VB2SX5.

3.1.1 build 02 - Sept 2007
*Addition of VB2SXSPS, VB20SL3, VBCANLOG01, GPS odometer.

2.2.2 build 01 - Feb 2007
*Required to upgrade VB10SPS and VB2SX10.

2.1.2 build 00 - Nov 2006
*Addition of VBS20SL, VB2SX and VB20SL.

2.0.1 build 55 - Jul 2006
*Fixed a bug which prevented VBOX Minis from upgrading properly.

2.0.1 build 50 - Jun 2006
*Required to upgrade the latest products in the VBOX range, notably VBOX Mini and VBS20SL (Speed Sensor with Slip Angle).

2.0.1 build 35 - Mar 2006
*Required to upgrade some new and future products. Also required to upgrade new DriftBoxs.

2.0.1 build 33 - February 2006
*Fixes a few bugs in the previous version. Also required for upgrading certain new hardware.

2.0.1 build 22 - January 2005
*This version of upgrader also enables DriftBoxs to be upgraded.

2.0.1 build 16 - December 2005
*This version of upgrader is required to upgrade VBOXs using the latest firmware, allowing the VBOXs to be compatible with VBOXTools software.

2.0.0 build 3 - October 2005
*This version of upgrader is required to be able to upgrade VBOXs with the latest firmware, allowing the VBOXs to be compatible with VBOXTools software.

5d - January 2005
*Internal code changes to selection options.

5c - November 2004
*This Version of software now allows a USB adapter to be used when performing firmware upgrades

5 - up to November 2004