VBOX Slip Angle Sensor History

Stock code:
Latest update:
1.07 0012

1.07 bld 0012 - Feb 2011
Serial output fixed for position
SDHC support
FAT32 support
CANVEL functionality added

1.06 bld0001 - Apr 2010
Kalman filter update

1.01 bld0195 - Jul 2007
Fixes a bug that caused a few of the earliest units to change unit type during upgrade

1.01 bld0194 - Jun 2007
Required for compatability with VBOXTools 1.7.3
Maximum antenna separation is increased to 5M
Pitch/Roll offset facility has been added.
Slip/Pitch/Roll angle smoothing has been improved.  
DGPS modes can be enabled from the Front Panel.
DGPS mode is displayed on the Front Panel
Improvements to the Kalman Filter routines.

1.01 bld 0007 - August 2006
Minor modifications to make setup quicker and easier - specifically, failures during Coldstart, Antenna Separation and Level settings are much less common

1.01 bld 0004 - May 2006
First release - requires VBOXTools v1.2.1 Bld 95