VBTC8 History

Stock code:
Latest update:


3.09 - June 2011
Changes made to stand along timed mode. Minor bug fix.

3.08 - March 2009
Bug fix that allows new hardware in TC8 modules to be compatible with VB2SX and VB20SL3.

3.07 - March 2009
Update for compatibility with VB3i.

3.02 - January 2006
This upgrade allows the TC8 to send data in different formats (IEEE 32-bit float, 32- and 16-bit unsigned integer, 32- and 16-bit signed integer, Racelogic float) in polled and timed modes.
This upgrade requires the latest version of Stand Alone Module Setup Software to enable all of the features.

3.00 - June 2005
This firmware will now allow the module to work in a stand alone mode if required. In stand alone mode it will need stand alone module setup software for configuration.

2.05 - May 2004
This firmware required to include compatability with new VBOX3.

2.02 - September 2003
Introduction of New CAN protocol.