LabSat 3 History

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Latest update:


v1.09 b1099 - December 2018
Changes for production process.

v1.08 b1083 - May 2017
Further improvements made to USB media combating the 'file system error'.  
Improvements for CAN arbitration timing.

v1.08 b1072 - January 2017
New firmware version to support the new UBLOX receivers being used within LabSat 3.

v1.06 b1036 - June 2015
Stability improvements for USB Media.
Improvements to the file system when creating large scenarios.

v1.05 b1033 - January 2015
New CAN Arbitration functionality implemented - allowing the user to capture CAN in a time-stamped text file.
Added support for defining replay and record times from the LabSat 3 front panel.

v1.04 b956 - May 2014
Enables the user to use remote access/control over Ethernet.

NOTE: Only LabSat 3 customers with unit serial numbers 033353 or above can use this upgrade to enable remote control. 
LabSat 3 customers with unit serial numbers lower than 033353 (purchased before the end of March 2014) will need to send the unit in (RL UK or USA office) for an upgrade.

v1.03 b852 - April 2014
Improves the CAN capture and replay functionality.

v1.02 b844 - February 2014
Supports USB functionality - Host USB Storage device connectivity & standard USB outputs NMEA from internal LabSat 3 receiver. 
upgrade for SD card support to include 32GB, 64GB & 128GB cards. Note approved SD cards only - see LabSat 3 manual.   

v1.01 b838 - February 2014
Supports the new bootloader further optimising the internal battery performance.

v1.01 b831 - November 2013
Fixes signal drop out - drop outs no longer present in replay when 'OK' was pressed during recording.
Adds 'Loop' function to play menu - continuous replay of selected scenario.
Auto-off disabled when connected to external power.

v1.00 b821 - November 2013
Initial release version.