LabSat 3 Wideband History

Stock code:
Latest update:

v1.01 build 688 - May 2021
Improvements the the RF channel synchronisation. 

v1.01 build 675 - August 2020
Added support for M9 receiver.
Implements 15 second boot delay to improve large capacity SSD handling.
GNSS engine variant added to the 'About' menu. 
Bug Fix: File time stamp is now correct when changing between manual and GPS UTC.
Bug Fix: Play 'For' telnet command response corrected.
Bug Fix: Webserver 'Mute' tick boxes now stay ticked if not disabled before the replay ends. 
Bug Fix: Webserver freuency chart can now be saved as a PNG image. 

v1.00 build 668 - August 2019
New Feature: Support added for SamSung EVO 860 4TB SSD.
New Feature: Support added for SamSung 7.68TB PM883 SSD. 
New Feature: Support added for Synology NAS connectivity.
Web server interface updated.
New Feature: SSD formatting updated to include GPT table.
Bug Fix: Power button no longer bounces during power down.

v1.00 build 461 - August 2018
Bug Fix: Telnet - Conf:? now updated correctly.
Necessary changes made to support new Picozed hardware. 
Web Server interface version updated. 

v1.00 build 414 - May 2018

New Feature: RS232 Log File mode.
New Feature: External Synchronisation (record/replay start sync).
New Feature: Export current configuration.
New Feature: Wifi Dongle.
New Feature: Replay Only Support. 
New Feature: Formatting SSD from other settings to EXT4 supported.
Bug Fix: Telnet - Media:List now returns the correct file name and length.
Other minor bug fixes and further improvements also made.

v1.00 build 260 - June 2017
New Feature: Web Server interface, Telnet Remote control and Arbitrated CAN filter files.

v1.00 build 237 - April 2017
New Feature: recording/replaying external data (CAN,RS232,Digital).
NOTE: Telnet and External Sync features are not supported in this release. Support for these features will be implemented with the next firmware release.