LabSat 3 Wideband History

Stock code:
Latest update:

v1.02 build 838 - May 2022
New Feature: LabSat will emit a ‘Beep’ as a notification of a buffer over or underflow event during record or replay. 
             Time into the record/replay that the buffer event occurred will be stated in the corresponding .ini file under the ‘Buffer’ heading. 
New Feature: Network security can be enabled within the Labsat ‘LAN’ menu – this will password protect access to the internal SSD via ethernet. 
New Feature: Copying files from USB or SD card media to internal SSD now supported. 
New Feature: MAC address now displayed within the LabSat ‘About’ menu and on the ‘System Settings’ page of the webserver. 
Optimization: added support for Wi-Fi dongles using the MediaTek MT7601 chipset.
Optimization: Adjustment to automatic gain control to optimise quality of recorded signals. 
Bug Fix: Telnet command including a play ‘from’ time now overrides the time set in the ‘Play Options’ menu. 
Bug fix: LabSat is no longer unable to record a new file if a .ini file from a previous recording is present on the SSD without a matching .LS3W file.

Known issue: 
If the RF channel frequency has been configured via the web interface, then accessing the constellation menu will require the settings 
to be changed before the user can exit the menu. Therefore, if checking the constellation settings from the front panel, use the ‘Status’ menu 
option rather than the constellation menu, to avoid having to change settings. Alternatively, to exit the constellations menu without 
changing/updating the settings, open the webserver and select ‘Exit front panel menus’. 

v1.01 build 688 - May 2021
Improvements the the RF channel synchronisation. 

v1.01 build 675 - August 2020
Added support for M9 receiver.
Implements 15 second boot delay to improve large capacity SSD handling.
GNSS engine variant added to the 'About' menu. 
Bug Fix: File time stamp is now correct when changing between manual and GPS UTC.
Bug Fix: Play 'For' telnet command response corrected.
Bug Fix: Webserver 'Mute' tick boxes now stay ticked if not disabled before the replay ends. 
Bug Fix: Webserver freuency chart can now be saved as a PNG image. 

v1.00 build 668 - August 2019
New Feature: Support added for SamSung EVO 860 4TB SSD.
New Feature: Support added for SamSung 7.68TB PM883 SSD. 
New Feature: Support added for Synology NAS connectivity.
Web server interface updated.
New Feature: SSD formatting updated to include GPT table.
Bug Fix: Power button no longer bounces during power down.

v1.00 build 461 - August 2018
Bug Fix: Telnet - Conf:? now updated correctly.
Necessary changes made to support new Picozed hardware. 
Web Server interface version updated. 

v1.00 build 414 - May 2018

New Feature: RS232 Log File mode.
New Feature: External Synchronisation (record/replay start sync).
New Feature: Export current configuration.
New Feature: Wifi Dongle.
New Feature: Replay Only Support. 
New Feature: Formatting SSD from other settings to EXT4 supported.
Bug Fix: Telnet - Media:List now returns the correct file name and length.
Other minor bug fixes and further improvements also made.

v1.00 build 260 - June 2017
New Feature: Web Server interface, Telnet Remote control and Arbitrated CAN filter files.

v1.00 build 237 - April 2017
New Feature: recording/replaying external data (CAN,RS232,Digital).
NOTE: Telnet and External Sync features are not supported in this release. Support for these features will be implemented with the next firmware release.