Circuit Tools Software History

Stock code:
Latest update:
03/2019 - March 2019


- Centre on vehicle option added to the track tab
- Default screen layouts refined
- Circuit layouts now selectable
- Warning when comparing different circuits
- End-User License agreement added
- Minimum & Maximum gate width 


- Circuit detection improved
- Large files handled better
- Issues caused by changing languages resolved
- Problems regarding Isle of Man TT fixed
- G-Plot feature removed
- Gates/Splits issues fixed
- Video/data sync problems solved 
- Gate width issue resolved (no software crashes) - April 2018

- Multiple DBN file load of the same file can't be attempted through CT
- Track map and video/graph out of sync has improvements in its synchronization
- Improved handling when loading two files and one is already loaded  
- Incorrect tooltip now updated for 'selected channels only' under the data tab.

Highlight fix for release candidate
- Improved data synchronisation for VBO files that span across multiple videos. 

Highlighted New Feature 
- Single lap export to CSV available under the session tab
- Added auto-update functionality - October 2016

Adds ability to export laps from HD2 video
German translations updated
Window borders now blue to match new ribbon colour scheme June 2016

Video handling performance improvements.
Fixes to automated split point generation.
Fixes to split usage for lap timing.
Fix to'Fastest lap' reference. Fastest lap on an existing session tab was not updated after loading another file with a faster lap.
Video playback fix for video files greater than 2GB (Approximately 1 hour recording for Video VBOX, 20 minutes recording for VBOX Video) 
UI update
Minor bug fixes - April 2015

Addresses an issue with Intel Graphics Chipsets on Windows 7 PCs where video would not be displayed using certain variations of graphics drivers.
Start/Finish Wizard adds a default splits menu item
Circuit Database Updated
Additional Lap Options added to the Session tab of the menu
- Ignore short laps (hides laps shorter or longer than 15% of valid fastest lap; enabled by default.
- Show unfinished laps
German translation updated
Improved file loading code. - September 2014

Installer change only.
Circuit Database is now an optional part of the install process. If a newer version or current version is present, the installer will continue rather than fail. - June 2014

Resolved Split Time issues.
Removed file name validation
Updated Copyright Information
Performance Improvements
Stability Improvements
Minor bug fixes - November 2013

Added Support for VBOX HD - including HD Speed Overlay
Performance Improvements
Reduced memory consumption
Removed audio glitch when playing video
Various Bug Fixes
Latest Circuit Database - August 2013

Added support for very large .VBO files
Bug Fixes - July 2013

Fixed DBN File Issue
Bug Fixes
Support for HD
Performance Improvements - March 2013

Circuit Tools 2 Released
New Video engine
Performance enhancements
Bug fixes

1.2.0 b9 - February 2010

AVI crop tool feature added
Set X axis to position added
set smooth value for accel channels (LatAcc, LongAcc, Combined G)
Bug fixes

1.1.0 b7 - May 2010

Start/Finish wizard now fully supports separate finish lines