Circuit Tools OSX Software History

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Latest update:


1.2.1 - February 2016

- Fix error with Retina display

1.2.0 build 1 - November 2015

- Ability to load multiple files using the same track with different start finish lines. 

1.1.2 build 1 - October 2015

- Added support for OSX 10.11 'El Capitan'. 
- File Transfer Wizard will now no longer transfer phantom files from USB/SD Cards

1.0.9 build 2 - September 2015

- Resolved issues with Ideal Lap calculations. It is important to note that there can be a calculation discrepancy of 1 sample between the Windows and OSX version of Circuit Tools.
- Improved support for files that contain deviations from the race track

1.0.7 build 1 - August 2015

- Initial Release
- Supports Circuit Files only - Separate Start/Finish lines and Point to Point files will be supported in a future release.
- VBO File support only. DBN files will be supported in a future release.
- Requires OSX 10.09 or later