VBOX Indoor Positioning System

What is it?

The VBOX Indoor Positioning System (VIPS) is an advanced system for measuring and recording real-time 3D position to an accuracy of ±2cm in areas where GPS is not available, making it an ideal tool for construction applications indoors and in urban areas.

VIPS 3D positioning

The digital display provides real-time, dynamic measurements in challenging environments while the recording function allows you to save coordinates to accurately revisit them at a later time.

What are the applications?

VIPS has been designed by in-house Racelogic engineers, providing us with the agility for bespoke adaptations to meet customer needs, with no limits placed on the potential applications of this cutting-edge technology.

We are already in discussions with a variety of construction partners to implement VIPS for the following applications:


  • Indoor/Outdoor Surveys
  • Snagging
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Machine Control
  • Crane Safety
  • Depth Measurement
  • Automated Guided Vehicles

However, the flexibility of VIPS makes it suitable for any application that requires accurate measurement and recording of 3D positioning.

We are particularly keen to talk with integrators and technical partners wishing to explore just how effective VIPS can be when applied to real-world problems.

How does VIPS work?

Fixed Ultra-Wideband (UWB) beacons are placed around the perimeter of the operation area (eg floor plan of building or construction site), in known positions which have been manually surveyed using a handheld laser, Total Station or, if time is of the essence, a self-survey can also be performed. The accuracy of the known beacon positions directly corelates to the accuracy of the output measurement, allowing for flexibility in required accuracy verses set up time. The beacons are completely stand-alone, and can be battery powered, making the deployment very rapid.

The hand-held receiver continuously communicates with the beacons and triangulates its position. This data is combined with the measurements from a highly accurate inertial measurement system, providing a real-time 3D position to within 2cm.

VBOX 3D positioning

VPRS on VBOX Touch 350

How do we get such high accuracy?

Over the 5 years it has taken to develop VIPS, we have built our own custom hardware, software and calibration routines which has resulted in an industry leading accuracy of less than 2cm. We temperature calibrate the beacons to ensure accuracy in all conditions.

How do I access the data?

The data can be viewed live on a Racelogic VBOX Touch and points can be saved to an SD card. The position and speed are also output over an RS232 link or onto a CAN bus, allowing easy connection to third party equipment.

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  • Update rate: up to 100Hz
  • Speed accuracy: ±0.1km/h
  • Position accuracy: ~2cm
  • Latency: 50ms
  • Max. speed: 270 km/h
  • Distance between beacons: 50-100 m (depending on update rate)
  • Frequency bands: 2 (user-selectable)
  • Max. number of receivers: 2 (per band)
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C
  • Size: 124 mm diameter, 74.5mm height
  • Weight: 350g
  • Power requirements: 7 - 30 V DC, 100mA
  • Communication: RS232, CAN, WiFi
  • Centre frequency: 3993.6 / 6489.6 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 1331.2 MHz / 1081.6 MHz
  • Transmit power: -41.3 dBm/MHz
  • Time to first fix: <0.2s
  • Minimum number of beacons: 4 (position only), 6 (position + velocity)
  • Maximum number of beacons: 250

VIPS Rover Beacon