VBOX Automotive eng 01

VBOX is internationally recognised as a quality standard in speed measurement, braking distance measurement, vehicle dynamics and tyre testing.

VBOX Motorsport eng 01

Our VBOX motorsport range includes graphically enhanced video data loggers and performance meters to help you to go faster.

Racelogic LabSat Home 01

Compact, battery powered, and versatile, LabSat GNSS simulators allow you to record live-sky satellite signals, synchronised with CAN and digital inputs, for replay in the lab.

Racelogic Support Home 01

Over 1,000 pages of technical product information is available on our Racelogic Support Centre. The first port of call for customers requiring documentation, manuals and product support.

Racelogic VBOXTouch Home 01 01

We provide advanced 3D positioning and measurement systems for indoor and GPS denied environments, delivering an accuracy of ±2 cm.

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